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September 18, 2017
Learn how to spin up an ABM campaign in 60 days or less!
ABM superhero, Kristen Wendell from LeanKit will be sharing her three-step formula to a winning Account-Based Marketing program. Sign up for the webinar on Wednesday, September 20 and also receive a copy of the 'Blueprint to ABM Campaigns' e-book. Register now
Company Surge
  • Get Company Surge at scale! From today you will be able to upload up to one million company domains for Company Surge and be able to find even more companies interested in hearing from you right now!
Audience Verification
  • To help review multiple campaign results, the ‘Analytics’ tab will default to a table view displaying a list of all campaigns. This view will allow you to bulk export campaign results, as well as suspend or set them to active. The dashboard view will still be available by clicking on the campaign name.
Digital Audience Builder
  • Select the 'test only' option now available in the data exchange dropdown menu and save the segment to estimate your audience size or use for Audience Verification measurement.
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